JAWAR is a producer of chimney ceramics manufactured according to the modern technology of isostatic pressing. As the only company in the world, we manufacture single-pressed tees in diameters up to 200mm and isostatic tees in angle of 45°. We offer the widest range of chimney systems with isostatic ceramics on the Polish market.


Chimney has been an inseparable part of a house for many centuries. Although it is often forgotten, it makes for a necessary element of most of heating systems used nowadays.

The warmth and comfort, which we enjoy thanks to chimneys, must be connected with safety of use. Therefore, modern chimneys are not only economical and easy to build, but first of all: safe. JAWAR strives to meet these needs. In the beginning of 1990s we started production of stainless steel single wall liners and double wall chimneys. From the beginning they were manufactured in a safe and modern technology of plasma welding. Next years’ work resulted in innovations in increasingly air-tight chimney elements and better insulations. All this was designed to assure users’ maximal safety.

Along with chimney technology, company’s product range developed. After the year 2000 the first JAWAR ceramic chimney was introduced to the market. In recent years we implemented a top modern production of isostatically pressed ceramic pipes. JAWAR has now one of the widest chimney offers in Europe.

The mission of the company is to ensure safe functioning of chimney installations in our customers’ houses. For almoast 20 years JAWAR has been constantly improving its products and introducing new solutions. The quality of our products is being controlled on each stage of the production process. We give our customers ultimate safety and economy of use of their heating installations.

Development of construction and heating technologies requires constant improving of our products. In the coming years we plan to intensify our struggle for giving our customers the best materials, insulations and solutions for their chimneys. I encourage you to use this catalogue, and also wish you safe and comfortable use of heating installations in your homes!
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